Monday, May 3, 2010

Life, The World, and Why?

Time has passed.
I have learned some new things... I have wandered in my thoughts...
I entrusted the feral mechanics to our second and more superior Feral Druid, Aydrian.
He is extremely knowlegable regarding Feral Druid class mechanics, and keeps up on all
of the Elitist Jerks posts and updates. I followed him around like a lost kitty sometimes.
I'm still lost though...
It is true, my guild is almost like my family. They call me the "guild mom" because I have
children and have a maternal aura of caring for others and wanting to help people when
the have illness or are sad. I have a sleeve full of remedies that I gladly share with anyone
who wishes to listen.. Speaking to those who wish to listen, or those who are afraid to tell
me the don't want to listen.. has gotten me into trouble on more than one occasion...
I attempt to spread good will and understanding between others, but if the end result isn't
wonderful, I am apt to blame myself in the end.
The guild ends up being a very delicate mechanism of numerous intelligent and yet sensitive
individuals all trying to find their place, and earn respect, yet have fun in their own way at the
same time. The diversity in personalities has led to cliques who feel comfortable with one another, and a few loners who prefer to just do their own thing, as well as the rare person who is laid back and kinda gets along with everyone, but doesn't want to join any single group.
Over time, I have learned to reach out to people in a kind and playful manner to simply attempt to raise spirits of both parties. On other occasions I just talk in druid chat, or melee chat, or raid chat to say something playful and entertaining to just be fun loving like I try to be... As far as progression goes for our guild, we have managed to kill all of the bosses in 25 man Icecrown Citadel on Heroic to unlock the Lich King (Heroic Mode) but have not yet been able to put in a lot of serious progression to down him. We have TOC heroic on farm for trinkets and cloaks, and we
are attempting to get a Mimron's Head mount for our guild members from Yogg Seron with Zero Keepers. Priority is given to members with the highest lifetime guild attendance. It's actually a very nice reward for dedicated raiders. So we manage to get things done in a rather timely manner each week, but if for some reason, things don't go so smoothly (and things never run smoothly all the time), some of our loving guild members may begin to lose their happy-go-lucky sense of Go-Get-Em raid attitude. Alas, if we try and try to complete a task that eventually is accomplished, the officers evaluate the hardships and try to iron them out for the next time. If the task is left unfinished, the officers evaluate the situation and develop a new strategy or plan to hopefully become successful on the re-visitation. But how resilient are the members? Do they log off angry blaming others? Do they switch to another form of entertainment and not worry about it? Do they ponder their own small errors or ways in which they can themselves improve? Do they just chill out with friends and talk things over? Perhaps the mode that each player handles their daily activities.. accomplishments and failures... will also be a factor in how the guild itself will progress and evolve over time.

I prefer when the officers speak openly in our vent channel evaluating the events to help us
understand our individual rolls and the importance of each part of the strategy. Our raid leader
is superb in detailing our rolls and the overall strategy so that, for the most part, everything does
run very nicely. We only have problems if a member is unclear of their roll and doesn't say anything, or if people just stop paying attention... We probably have the most problems arrise from members feeling uncomfortable speaking their thoughts to the individuals involved... rather they will go around them and tell someone else who is then burdened with this dilemma and what to do about it?
Luckily most of our members are good natured and want to get along and work together as
a team so that fixing problems isn't too hard... but Life is like this... Learning to get along...
Learning who you can talk to who will just let you vent, and who you can't talk to who will feel
like they need to fix your problems when in actuallity you just wanted to get some frustration
off your chest...