Thursday, March 5, 2009

Preparing for Ulduar

What can we do to be prepared for this upcoming exciting new challenge?
First, we can educate ourselves with the actual bosses and possible strategies.
Second... Attempt to experience these things first hand!
Hat guild requires attendance on the PTR to get in on this Ulduar goodliness. We all copied our characters over stacked with our best gear and stashes of consumables to burn through with great anticipation of being able to see new content and new challenges... Unfortunately, the Realm is riddled with connectivity instabilities. Hundreds upon hundreds of players are all attempting to connect and zone into the new instance simultaneously, and you're lucky if you aren't stuck in a zoning screen. Unfortunately, this pre-Ulduar preparation method seems
to be getting even more popular making it even harder for a full guild to assemble at all on the PTR at open test raid times. Our only option around this instability is to keep on trying to get through, or... our guild can rent a meeting room in California next to the test server with T4 servers hooking us all up through a LAN. YEAH! Let's Do it! Okay, so I guess that's just a
wow-head fantasy. Back to option "Try try again till you get into the instance" method.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Super Dailies Routine

How does my pack rat friend manage to make so much gold?
He doesn't play the auction house much... no... he actually tries to save every little item that he possibly can. He actually had to create a new guild just to get access to a guild bank to fill up with all of his "randomly could be useful at the right place or time" items.
Need some Strong Mojo? Yep, he has some.
Need reputation with Thorium Brothers? He has stacks of turn in items for them too.
Need fish hooks? Yep, at least 3 stacks of 20 of those...
So how does he make his gold? He has a ritual...
And I got him to show me the ritual path he takes...

1) Dalaran --> Cooking Daily
2) K3 --> K3 Blow up stuff Daily
3) Brunhilda --> Challenge Sister/Exhausted worker Daily ==> Polar
4) Sons of Hodir --> Pick your favorites
5) Ice crown --> King of the Mountain daily
6) random other reputation dailies... Oracles, Frenzyheart, Kalu'ak etc.

Route: Start point---> Dalaran = Cooking Daily - almost all of them are quick and easy.
Second: Fly to K3 = K3 daily dropping mines to blow stuff up.. Again very quick and easy.
Third: Brunhilda daily = Most of these are very fast and easy. (challenge a sister) and the beating of the exhausted workers... yeah I hate doing this one emotionally, but I get over it pretty fast... lol.. PLUS the reward could contain the cute Polar bear mount.
Fourth: Dailie(s) for Sons of Hodir --> Yes I'm already exalted but.. it's still worth the gold to bang out a few of these. My pack rat friend selects the Lance daily where you lance one of the proto drakes and beat him to death with your fists while maintaining a grip on the angry flying dragon at the same time. I personally prefer to quickly gather a few of the viscous oils for the helm, and throw snowballs at the giant worms and watch them get eaten by the Hodir Giant ghosts.
Fifth: It's back to Ice crown, and my friend does the "King of the mountain" quest that is SO SO easy to do, it's insanity! (unless there are players of the opposite faction around to mess with you).

Hmm so that accumulates over 50 gold, and a chance for a Polar bear mount, and some Hodir rep if you haven't already gotten exalted with them. I also have been working on the Oracles reputation dailies. I keep picking up eggs, but all that comes out of them are those little tickbird hatchlings! Rumor has it, there are dragons in those eggs, but it's rather rare. One must be a patient little cricket!

Total time doing the quests is about 20-30 minutes. I'm a little slow about it, but if I was as religious about doing them, and as orderly and meticulous as my friend, I'd get a lot faster.
I just have "female hormone" syndrome.. or maybe it's the fact that I gave up coffee for the next several weeks, but I tend to function at a slower more laid back level than a lot of people.

It doesn't stop me from trying to be as competitive as the rest of my guild members!
I tend to waste a lot of time fishing but... I have finally caught the Giant Sewer Rat pet! :D