Thursday, January 31, 2008

More Stealthing!

The air was teppid, and scented with a slightly spicy yet pungent odor... perhaps from the fine dust floating low in the air... Oh wait... That's not dust, It's Spores! Ahhhh - CHOO!
I was surrounded by a soft close feeling.. almost like being inside of A large passive creature.
The ground was almost squishy like stepping on a giant tongue.. A few more steps revealed plant-like projections sprouting from the terrain, and some signs of life.. actually, LOTS of signs of life.. Perhaps it was just the lack of daylight in this deep cavity beneath the Coilfang Reservoir, instead, it was illuminated with a soft orange glow that gives the impression of being inside of something living. A pair of Sporebats flutter past me, unaware of the silently stalking kitty. I continue to pad through some reddish mossy underbrush until I find that which I came here seeking.... a patch of Sanguine Hibiscus. Although most people will just collect them for a mid level 60 quest, I have come back seeking them now... at level 70. If I can just collect enough of them, The tiny Sporegar folks will grace me with their exalting reputation and sell me some Shrouding potions, and teach me how to transmute the very valuable Primal earth to Primal Water. Because I'm surrounded by creatures that are only level 65ish, I can stay just far enough away to pop out of kitty stealth mode and collect these precious flowers very rapidly! Yes, that's right.. more flowers for Tally... All for me... making myself a big big bouquet that will make the Sporegar folks love me.. Eek I'm starting to sound as jovial as a smurf!

Um, yeah.. I get a little lost in my Tally world.
To sum it up for you, Very easy Sporegar rep = Stealthing regular Underbog, Pick up 7-8 Sanguine Hibiscus per run, reset instance, Collect them till you are exalted. This method seemed far less time consuming that the other reputation gaining methods. Fun.. I even wore the Sporegar Tabard with the mushroom on the front of it for a long time. I guess I like cute things.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cash Stealthing Cow

Well, the information about the Dailies is not new information, it is just probably the best option to make some quick gold that everyone can easily do. (Everyone meaning.... People who CAN'T Stealth)....

If, however, you are a druid or a rogue, there are some special bonus options available for making some quick gold----> Stealth Runs! (with an enchanter... er... DIS-enchanter I mean)...

Here are the options:

Party = 1 Druid (tank), 1 Druid (healer), 2 Rogues/Druids (dps)
Instance = Normal Sethekk Halls

With this group of four, all members can stealth to just before the first boss. There is a patrolling bird that pats into the boss room. The bird, plus the two mobs on either side of the doorway may pull if you run straight in and start the boss fight right away, so we usually clear those mobs, plus the nearby mob in the corner of that hallway leading up to the first boss room.
This first boss is relatively easy. It will spawn at least two waves of elemental adds that will need to be dps'd down, and then the third wave can often be ignored in favor of just killing off the boss. The loot is one blue that is then disenchanted into 1 Large Prismatic Shard. Next... on to the last boss! Yup.. just skip passed all of the other junk in between... just stealth right past it all... Rogues can simply distract birds if needed, or sap mobs that might be tight squeezes if one of the members doesn't have all of their talent points spent in improved stealth... The final boss is quickly destroyed with 4 good players, and drops 2 blues that become 2 Large Prismatic Shards. As a bonus, there might also be spirit shards if your faction controls the towers at the time of your run. Each stealth run results in 3 Large prismatic shards, taking about 10-15 mintues each. You can reset the instance and run it 4 times resulting in a total of 12 Large Prismatic Shards. Each person gets 3. They sell for about 20 gold each on our Auction house, so that is another 60 gold earned in less than an hour (if you don't screw up). ....and not to mention, it is rather fun! Especially compared to doing the dailies OVER and OVER and OVER again...

"What if I can't get that many stealthers?" you ask?
Well, it can actually be done with just a Feral Druid, and a Rogue!!

In this case, the first boss will be skipped. The pair will get up to the first boss, then the rogue will enter initially and agro the boss (who can see stealth). The rogue will simply walk out the exit on the other side and then vanish around the corner of the doorway while the druid will stealth through the room as the boss is kept busy. Just be sure the druid is safely through to the other side and doesn't enter combat before the rogue vanishes.... then ---> On to the final boss. It can be done with just these two! (if both are well geared and know what they are doing)... The druid will need to tank the boss while the rogue may spend most of his time sheeped. The druid can then heal with tranquility during one of his explosions, and although it can be very close for comfort, it can still be done sucessfully most of the time. Of course, this can be done more easily with three stealthers, or it can even be done with two druids, but to pass the first boss (who cannot be killed with only two players), one druid would have to sacrifice themself, and be combat rez'ed on the other side. So the number of runs two druids can do together is limited by the combat ressurection cooldown for both of them. (2 every half hour).
The results are: (1 rogue + 1 druid) (4 runs in about 30 minutes with no mistakes) 8 shards total, 4 large prismatic shards each = about 80 gold in 30 minutes! Of course.. it doesn't always go perfectly, so it often takes more like an hour to get your 8 shards.

"What if NO ONE will come with me??" You ask??

Well, if you are a druid or a rogue with enchanting... There is yet another way to make lots of gold from stealth runs. Go and solo Lower Black Rock Spire! Every single boss in this instance can be solo'd except for the last boss. If there are two of you, then you can even do the last boss.

The fruit of these runs comes out to be about 7 Large Brilliant Shards per run, and each run takes about 12-17 mintues. Large Brilliant shards run at about 5 gold each in our Auction House, for a total of 35 gold per run. If you run it 3 times, that's about 80 gold in less than an hour. With two stealthers, the runs are faster, but shards need to be split between two.. but company always makes everything much more fun!!

**Note** Large Prismatic Shards sell FAR more rapidly and are of much higher value than the Large Brilliant Shards, so the LBRS runs may not result in QUICK gold.. but they do sell eventually...

So ... what is the most profitable secondary skill?? Perhaps... Enchanting?? hehe. I have made all of my gold from this skill, and have not made any gold from my Alchemy at all. Both skills are very beneficial to me though. One just makes a LOT more money for me.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Secret Cash Cow

One of the most common questions that I get asked is... "Tally, how did you save up for your epic flight form?" Well, to answer this, I will have to spill a few of my druid secrets...

PART ONE) The first method: Solo, or with a party. Dailies!
a) Skettis - Bomb Monstrous Kiliary eggs (about 5 minutes) - 11 gold.
b) Take the express flight path to Blade's Edge Mountains - Wrangle Aether Rays (about 5-7 minutes), Bombing quest - (about 5-7 minutes), Apexis Emmanation "Simon Says" (5-7 minutes), and optional: Banishing Demons, (about 10-12 minutes). - 44 gold total.

**Note: Usually while I'm doing the the Skettis bombing, I also will farm the water elementals and get one primal water that sells for about 20ish gold, and also farm the Warp Burgers for raiding (and often are for the Kiliary soup cooking quest). Also I will farm a few motes of fire when doing the banishing demons and hope for the rare Badge of Tenacity to drop. (I was one of the lucky ones who happened to get mine while banishing demons.. rare, but it happens). If you want to do even more dailies, there are still about 5 more that can be done rather quickly in Netherwing.. but they usually take me at least another full hour and are not as time efficient. I'd rather be doing Stealth runs, myself..

So.. doing all of these dailies plus a little farming produces about 55 gold immediately, plus another 25 or so from farming a few motes of water and fire... and another 8 gold from the cooking quest including some free meat or fish. All this within about 30 to 60 minutes depending on how long it takes to get the motes if I'm farming, and where the cooking quest is located. Of course, the time it takes can be faster or slower depending on how many party members are with you. With more members, it's even faster.

I'll add PART TWO tomorrow..... Druid + Stealth + Enchanting = GOLD

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Battle of Mount Hyjal - Tank Boot Camp

Attention all tanks!! Want a chance to really shine?? Here's your big chance to really show it off!! ...or get beat into the best shape you've ever been.... This is Tank boot Camp afterall!
The Battle of Mount Hyjal is basically just a series of waves of mobs that contain a slightly different selection and number of mobs. The mobs consist of.. well.. no offense to all the undead out there but.. the ugliest groups of mobs you will encounter! Remember walking through the "Dead Scar" when leveling up your beautiful blood elf paladin or warlock or whatever it was you wanted to make so you could see how attractive the new race was? ..and suddenly you enter combat.. and turn around to face the ugliest lumbering pale sickly green malformation you've ever seen coming right at you?... Um, Yeah... the Abomination. Our raid leader likes to call them A-Bombs. There are also: Ghouls, Gargoyles, Crypt Fiends, and some Infernals and Fel Stalkers.. There are about 8 different waves immediately followed by the appearance of a boss.
Anyways.. This is where usually there are 3-4 tanks make a group effort to pick up all of the mobs that come in a big mass... Fun... So we run in there!!! Head first!!! WHEEEE!! Oh well right after the little whimpy knights run in first to avoid our own insta-death... and then claws and teeth and tentacles and decayed limbs all collide in battle.. It becomes a squirming mass of sparkling Orcish warriors and Taurens in their glowing armor swinging blood dripping huge swords... I can just imagine their battleshouts... in the middle of the fray screaming at the top of their deep lungs like He-Man or something.. Oh and of course.. the little Feral druid bear bouncing around gnawing creepy undead creatures away from the knights and the other party members and dragging them back to the mass. After our fearless leader Sirloin decides we have had sufficient time to get good agro on them, the AOE starts, and now the mass of battling bodies becomes a swirl of storms and explosions of purple and blue and white until we are left standing in a pile of dead and rotting bodies.. and then the next wave is about to begin..

This is great practice for us tanking folks because we have to keep an eye on any stragglers and pick them up, and also continue to apply sufficient agro to the targets we already have.. Some targets are stolen back and forth, and other targets are kited away at the very beginning by the hunters and then brought back to the pile. Of course, this is where the protection paladin will be most masterful. Some have even said that it is CAKE for them. So... this type of battle simply forces the tanks and actually indeed the WHOLE raid to watch numerous targets and keep them under control. Sometimes a hunter will notice one out of the mass and misdirect it back, sometimes a dps shaman will notice one and pull it back. It's a group effort from the whole raid, but the tanks must be the best at it, and this is the best place to practice your multiple target control skills.

There is one other thing to note here.. These are all elite mobs. Comparing elite mobs is like comparing a teddy bear with a polar bear. They both look soft and furry and bearlike, but the moment you claw it, the teddy bear will rip in half, while the polar bear will get a minor scratch then turn around and claw you back if it even bothers to notice you at all... For these waves of mobs, I usually wear my Hit/Expertise gear, and I throw on a shadow resist cape and neck piece for the Banshees and Necromancer waves. The preparation for each different wave, and each different boss at the end is also important. So .. after working through each boss of The Battle of Hyjal, the raid has graduated to a new level of "Cool". Now... when the hunter sneaks up and pulls a hard to pull mob and accidentally gets two of them... or a happy-go-lucky warlock inches forward with the stealthed druids and rogues forgetting that he's visible and they aren't and face pulls... well... then tanks are all ready to JUMP right in and pick up all 10 elites and get them under control really fast with few to zero deaths. Everyone else just jumps right in and does their control large mob skills along with them, and the raid is left with a satisfied feeling knowing they learned it all from Tanking Boot Camp....

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

World of Warcraft Blogging....

Is it addictive? Perhaps... Is it fun? I guess so if you like pondering over your character's progress, potential gear upgrades to work towards, and evaluating the how's and why's of the previous night's raids and instances... ..and then like to present your thoughts in a clear and easy way in the form of typed out words.. Does anyone else really care? Well I don't know yet, but part one and part two are enough to compell me to create this Blog, and become a part of the extensive network of World of Warcraft fanatics, particularly the furry type who call themselves Druids.
..It is true, I was never fond of the color orange.. until I became identified as
the class whose name always shows up in orange... Now, orange is a furry color, a familiar color, and also the color I look for when hoping to do a stealth run for quick large prismatic shards.. although yellow is okay too. ;D

I guess this is the first blog post that I will create, so I should include a little bit more about my little Tauren Druid that I'm so very fond of spending time with every evening when dusk covers the world with a soft periwinkle and violet light... I play Tallyswift, a feral druid on the server Gorefiend. Currently my guild HAT is working on Black Temple and doing surprisingly well. I only recently joined them about 2 months ago. Since then, I have seen a LOT of game content that I never though I would ever get to see. It happens far too often that a good group of friends create a guild, and the guild goes through an evolutionary phase that can be moderately successful, very successful, or just dwindle away and eventually fall apart... or they might even just separate down their own paths and just toss a whisper now and then, or the guild could even be absorbed or .. well you know.. anything could happen... and I was in such a very family oriented type of guild... but it takes a guild filled with serious raiders to actually get the really hard bosses down in the post Karazhan instances... at least to get them down without wanting to tear out your hair by the end of it.. lol.