Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Secret Cash Cow

One of the most common questions that I get asked is... "Tally, how did you save up for your epic flight form?" Well, to answer this, I will have to spill a few of my druid secrets...

PART ONE) The first method: Solo, or with a party. Dailies!
a) Skettis - Bomb Monstrous Kiliary eggs (about 5 minutes) - 11 gold.
b) Take the express flight path to Blade's Edge Mountains - Wrangle Aether Rays (about 5-7 minutes), Bombing quest - (about 5-7 minutes), Apexis Emmanation "Simon Says" (5-7 minutes), and optional: Banishing Demons, (about 10-12 minutes). - 44 gold total.

**Note: Usually while I'm doing the the Skettis bombing, I also will farm the water elementals and get one primal water that sells for about 20ish gold, and also farm the Warp Burgers for raiding (and often are for the Kiliary soup cooking quest). Also I will farm a few motes of fire when doing the banishing demons and hope for the rare Badge of Tenacity to drop. (I was one of the lucky ones who happened to get mine while banishing demons.. rare, but it happens). If you want to do even more dailies, there are still about 5 more that can be done rather quickly in Netherwing.. but they usually take me at least another full hour and are not as time efficient. I'd rather be doing Stealth runs, myself..

So.. doing all of these dailies plus a little farming produces about 55 gold immediately, plus another 25 or so from farming a few motes of water and fire... and another 8 gold from the cooking quest including some free meat or fish. All this within about 30 to 60 minutes depending on how long it takes to get the motes if I'm farming, and where the cooking quest is located. Of course, the time it takes can be faster or slower depending on how many party members are with you. With more members, it's even faster.

I'll add PART TWO tomorrow..... Druid + Stealth + Enchanting = GOLD


Cowcontroll said...

Sweet! like the sound of this since i have enchanting on my druid:-D and i want moar money;p

Ur blogg is looking good, got one myself, check it out if u want, write about my daily exp ingame;-)

And im also proud of beeing a cow druid, im so proud of it and went on calling it Imacow when i created it;)

Gibbiex said...

I have a druid enchanter too, and I look forward to doing instances regularly. I powerleveled to enchant 300, maybe that was a mistake, but anyway the cost was probably 500g. Would like to get that back at some point. And have people even pay for enchants! (what a concept).

Anyway i'm pretty good at making money, it completely depends on your class and profession. I like your stealth run idea. The mid-level enchants are just as costly as the high level stuff on our server. Ditto for herbs. Actually the high level stuff is usually cheaper slightly. If you have herbalism, you can easily polish off a few of the tree giants in skettis. And dont forget the prisoner escort. If the zone isn't packed with people, that is. If it is, forget everything, just do the egg quest.

Moondancer said...

Unfortunately, Netherwing quests are available only after buying the artisan riding skill.

There are 10 possible daily quests to gather gold for artisan raiding skill:
2 in Skettis
4 in Blade Edge Mountains
2 in Instances
1 in Battlegrounds
1 in Cooking.

They provide a quite nice amount of gold on daily basis.

Agnarian said...

If you are an herbalist great money comes from going to Quagg ridge in Zang, kill the sporeggar lords. You can farm roughly 3 primal lives an hour there (60ish gold per hour). Also never underestimate the generosity of online friends. Someone who already has an epic probably has an extra 500g lying around they could "loan" you. lol