Thursday, January 31, 2008

More Stealthing!

The air was teppid, and scented with a slightly spicy yet pungent odor... perhaps from the fine dust floating low in the air... Oh wait... That's not dust, It's Spores! Ahhhh - CHOO!
I was surrounded by a soft close feeling.. almost like being inside of A large passive creature.
The ground was almost squishy like stepping on a giant tongue.. A few more steps revealed plant-like projections sprouting from the terrain, and some signs of life.. actually, LOTS of signs of life.. Perhaps it was just the lack of daylight in this deep cavity beneath the Coilfang Reservoir, instead, it was illuminated with a soft orange glow that gives the impression of being inside of something living. A pair of Sporebats flutter past me, unaware of the silently stalking kitty. I continue to pad through some reddish mossy underbrush until I find that which I came here seeking.... a patch of Sanguine Hibiscus. Although most people will just collect them for a mid level 60 quest, I have come back seeking them now... at level 70. If I can just collect enough of them, The tiny Sporegar folks will grace me with their exalting reputation and sell me some Shrouding potions, and teach me how to transmute the very valuable Primal earth to Primal Water. Because I'm surrounded by creatures that are only level 65ish, I can stay just far enough away to pop out of kitty stealth mode and collect these precious flowers very rapidly! Yes, that's right.. more flowers for Tally... All for me... making myself a big big bouquet that will make the Sporegar folks love me.. Eek I'm starting to sound as jovial as a smurf!

Um, yeah.. I get a little lost in my Tally world.
To sum it up for you, Very easy Sporegar rep = Stealthing regular Underbog, Pick up 7-8 Sanguine Hibiscus per run, reset instance, Collect them till you are exalted. This method seemed far less time consuming that the other reputation gaining methods. Fun.. I even wore the Sporegar Tabard with the mushroom on the front of it for a long time. I guess I like cute things.


TKC said...

Ahhh, but do you stealth nekkid?

Actually, do you take your armor off so that if you do get caught there is no repair bill? Or are you powerful enough at 70 to solo those mobs? said...

nice to read.^6^

Kevin said...

=^..^= kitty power ftw!

Tallyswift said...

Well it would probably be more beneficial to remove your armor because the intent here is to not have any encounters at all. If you are seen by the mobs, it's very unlikely that even with full gear, a druid would be able to solo more than two mobs at one time. If you get seen by one of the Bog Giants, it would require the use of consumables to solo, and it's just not worth it, even if you do beat it and get a nice victory rush.
So going "nekkid" is advised.