Wednesday, January 23, 2008

World of Warcraft Blogging....

Is it addictive? Perhaps... Is it fun? I guess so if you like pondering over your character's progress, potential gear upgrades to work towards, and evaluating the how's and why's of the previous night's raids and instances... ..and then like to present your thoughts in a clear and easy way in the form of typed out words.. Does anyone else really care? Well I don't know yet, but part one and part two are enough to compell me to create this Blog, and become a part of the extensive network of World of Warcraft fanatics, particularly the furry type who call themselves Druids.
..It is true, I was never fond of the color orange.. until I became identified as
the class whose name always shows up in orange... Now, orange is a furry color, a familiar color, and also the color I look for when hoping to do a stealth run for quick large prismatic shards.. although yellow is okay too. ;D

I guess this is the first blog post that I will create, so I should include a little bit more about my little Tauren Druid that I'm so very fond of spending time with every evening when dusk covers the world with a soft periwinkle and violet light... I play Tallyswift, a feral druid on the server Gorefiend. Currently my guild HAT is working on Black Temple and doing surprisingly well. I only recently joined them about 2 months ago. Since then, I have seen a LOT of game content that I never though I would ever get to see. It happens far too often that a good group of friends create a guild, and the guild goes through an evolutionary phase that can be moderately successful, very successful, or just dwindle away and eventually fall apart... or they might even just separate down their own paths and just toss a whisper now and then, or the guild could even be absorbed or .. well you know.. anything could happen... and I was in such a very family oriented type of guild... but it takes a guild filled with serious raiders to actually get the really hard bosses down in the post Karazhan instances... at least to get them down without wanting to tear out your hair by the end of it.. lol.


Kevin said...

She said periwinkle

Waradwen said...

Tally, you're everything I want to be as a drood when I grow up. Cows rule! Moo!

BigBearButt said...

you know what?

I love the pictures, the colors, and your posts.

You sure you don't already have a blog somewhere? Yo're too darn good! lol

Welcome to blogging, I can't wait to stay along for the ride!

Markco said...

Love your blog and the title is catchy as hell.

I'm a prot warrior tanking easy-mode 10 man naxx and can't wait till my guild can do 25.

I look forward to watching your progression and reading along with your blog.

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