Thursday, March 5, 2009

Preparing for Ulduar

What can we do to be prepared for this upcoming exciting new challenge?
First, we can educate ourselves with the actual bosses and possible strategies.
Second... Attempt to experience these things first hand!
Hat guild requires attendance on the PTR to get in on this Ulduar goodliness. We all copied our characters over stacked with our best gear and stashes of consumables to burn through with great anticipation of being able to see new content and new challenges... Unfortunately, the Realm is riddled with connectivity instabilities. Hundreds upon hundreds of players are all attempting to connect and zone into the new instance simultaneously, and you're lucky if you aren't stuck in a zoning screen. Unfortunately, this pre-Ulduar preparation method seems
to be getting even more popular making it even harder for a full guild to assemble at all on the PTR at open test raid times. Our only option around this instability is to keep on trying to get through, or... our guild can rent a meeting room in California next to the test server with T4 servers hooking us all up through a LAN. YEAH! Let's Do it! Okay, so I guess that's just a
wow-head fantasy. Back to option "Try try again till you get into the instance" method.

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