Sunday, September 23, 2012

Prediction of the Future under Obama...

Based on a great deal of information gathered over the past few years, I can conclude the future to appear as such:

1) Gas prices will continue to rise.  This is based on the fact that Obama is not inclined to seek for oil resources within our home country, but likes to support his friend Brazil and other countries for such resources. He voted against the Keystone pipeline which would have helped with gas prices as well. Also he has rather inflamed the Middle East with his chants of "Osama is dead" all over the media. The Middle East has become a very unfriendly place for Americans.

2) Terrorism will increase. See above comments. It's not about some video that no one has seen.
See link:

3) Everyone will pay more in taxes and fines. It's inevitable. There is no other way that Obama has proposed to get all of the money for Obamacare that doesn't include spreading the cost to all of us.

4) Energy costs will increase. If at least 40 percent of energy in America is derived from Coal, then we will be paying a lot more. My bill already increased by about 200 dollars this year, and we cut our energy use almost in half by installing a new water heater, and servicing the air conditioning unit, as well as switching to energy efficient lighting. It is to no avail. Also, Obama wants to monitor everyone's energy use and fine those who do not use their energy wisely.

5) Goodbye tax return... Too bad. It really helps getting the Child Tax Credit every year.. It paid for that water heater last year...

6) Inflation... How can it not be inevitable when the Treasury is just printing more and more money?

7) Food prices will increase. The democrats do love their regulations... Already they have placed overburdened many farmers. We should all grow our own food anyways...

8) Goodbye Retirement... Do you really think any money will be left? They probably already spent the money we young people have saved up in our retirement "Lock boxes"... No big deal. I didn't plan to retire anyways.

I don't really expect anyone to read this, but I do believe these trends will occur. It will be ten times as bad trending in these directions under Obama than it will under anyone else.
I'm must tired of listening to the liberals digging for information so they can pat themselves on each other's backs and try to "Feel Good" about things that none of us really have control over other than the one man that we vote for (and his selected cabinet of hopefully QUALIFIED members). I would vote just based on the qualification of the cabinet members... Why can't we vote on them as well?