Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January: New Outlook for the Future

I never used to feel like I had to try to make a New Year's Resolution in previous years, but this year seems different. Maybe I'm just getting older and time seems to be speeding up for me.. so each year is a bit more precious.. Time is a gift. I'd like to make the most of it.
So I ponder... What can I do that I might actually stick with so that it's not another wasted good intention? I'm not going to blow 250 bucks on a gym membership... Instead I acquired a barbell that I ignore in my bedroom instead of ignore the gym as I drive past.. It's free.
But I already have been through that phase....
This year it's more about my children.
This year I hope to spend more time with them making their childhood really count.
I hope to convert their bad soda drinking habit to drinking healthy beverages like water with lemon squeezed into it (helps speed up metabolism), and fruit juices like cranberry juice and limeade.. oh and lots of tea with honey. *warm fuzzy*

We also happen to own a Wii.
This is a novel game console in the sole fact that it (mostly) forces one to get off of their couch potatoe hind quarters and get some increase in heart rate in for the day! Wooo!!! (and actually have fun challenging yourself and others in the process)...
I got addicted to Elobits for a few days... but that's not one of the really high body movement types of games. Just a point and click thing... obsessively.. so if you have carpal tonal, avoid this game..

So now here it is a week into January, and we've had a case of water and all of our lemons are gone already... (several of them were used to make some great cranberry new year's day punch.. mmm)... and I don't feel like I can do enough to get ready for this up coming year....

I know that things will be easier for me in my virtual world... WOW - the druid tanking.. because a good friend of mine is going to play a feral druid and we will be taking turns raiding rather than both of us being required to have almost 100 percent raid attendance. He was our top DPS shaman, and I was the only feral druid. Now we have new recruits, and many of the classes are rather interchangeable depending on what spec they are at the time. Death knights have some pretty amazing abilities, and with paladins on the horde roster, our raids are much stronger than they ever were before both of these classes were available.. So stress levels are decreased in the area of raid responsibilities for both of us. (Thanks Olati for embracing my idea to share the feralie goodness wealth!).

I wonder what else I can do... to make more of my life... and I don't really know. I have many good intentions that I never quite managed to manifest into reality... They end up being lost into that special future good intentions vault in my mind.. saved for the right time and place, but the motivation to make them happen just isn't arriving...
I again have to ask myself how much do I want something in order to get my little legs into action. I wonder if I could get angry about it to generate some kind of extra energy, but I'm not the angry type. I wonder if I think really hard about how it will affect others, is that going to help spark me into action? Maybe some of these things just aren't rewarding enough for me to pursue. I have numerous artistic ideas that I haven't ever taken the time to create.. but who would benefit from it in the end? The wall will have another portion that is no longer bare? Who else but me will benefit from my artwork? People gaze upon it and smile for a moment.. why can't art be more lingering? *shrug*
I guess it's not the result of the product but the enjoyment of the creation itself? I guess the thought of the mess to clean up inhibits my initiation of products...
But luckily there are outlets of artistic abilities that don't cause all of the materialistic mess...
I guess that's why I still log into Spore and check out my Spore friends creations and make the occasional interesting critter or space ship or building myself... it's the perfect art outlet for someone who already has enough on their daily plate to not want to clean up after play time..

Best wishes to all who are working on their New Year's ideas...
Good health to all out there. .. When in doubt... remember to be.. mostly harmless, and stay happy-go-lucky.


Markco said...

Love your blog and the title is catchy as hell.

I'm a prot warrior tanking easy-mode 10 man naxx and can't wait till my guild can do 25.

I look forward to watching your progression and reading along with your blog.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I have a wii too! I've been TRYING to locate a Wii-fit at any Target (gift cards from xmas)...but am not having any luck so far. Oy.

I hear you on the motivational thing. I hope you find SOME motivation though. You have readers...there's a reason to post more! hehe

I have this "ultimate blogroll" because I hated leaving people off my list. You're on it now!


my blog is actually:


Anyways, I look forward to more reads from you! Take care :)