Friday, February 27, 2009

Druid Stamina - How much can we truely afford??

As a tank for a very high end guild, I honestly cannot stack Stamina in the extreme manner that numerous other druid tanks tend to do. No, this won't work at all for me simply because the guild members I run with have such extreme dps, I would never get a chance to tank anything! Jingle (top mage dps) can break 7000 dps now on a regular Naxx 25 run. Rather than specialize on maximum hit points, I have put more points into hit and crit and expertise than other tanks and trust my healers to keep me alive with my 40k total health with full raid buffs. I off tank in my dps gear to get the immediate crit agro with my swipes, and hardly have time to enjoy the big numbers before the mobs are wiped out. I keep my emergency buttons at hand and always watch my health bar as any good tank should. As my guild continues to rip through the current game content, we have been maximizing our damage and skimping on hit points. Our healers are top notch and have pulled us through our second successful Immortal run, and about 5 Undying runs now. (Yes they amaze me sometimes). The amazing teamwork my guild exhibits also amazes me. Due to some previous connectivity issues, I was unable to join my guild on their first Immortal run, and also was unavailable for the second one until most of the way through. They still had no problem stepping out for me at the very last boss so that I would get the opportunity to earn the Immortal title... (warm fuzzy). (Thanks Phoenix!) (Okay so he already had the title and didn't need gear but... He did ALL of that hard work getting up to that point! OMG). (sheepishly greatful feeling!).

Success is driven by the sheer desire to play our own character to the best of our ability which includes being fully prepared for every run and sometimes helping others be prepared by bringing extra consumable to share. Constantly evaluating our own gear with the gem selection and enchantments to find what works best for us, and keeping well read with all of the gaming excellence resources.

Encouragement and fun and friendships through teaming ... that is why we play the game in the first place, isn't it? There's also the friendly competition to try to get the most achievement points, but it seems no one can catch up with Rulla's lead... He's one of the top achievment gatherers of the world! (bows reverently) (wonders what else he does in his Real life time... lol)

My next post will include the most current efficient ways of farming some daily gold...
First I have to make exact notes to the efficiency of the whole process and time it. :D

---- Glee and playfulness as always --- Your furry bear tank --- Tallyswift.

Oh btw.. try typing your character name into a google search and see what comes up! Interesting stuff.... sometimes that you were not yet aware of...

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