Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Winning the Game

Well, winning the game is truely a relative term, but if you /could/ win it, I guess most people would say it would involve killing the final boss in the game. Other people might consider it as gearing up with the top gear in every slot AND killing the final boss.. Yet other people might consider it achieving top PVP status or being ranked number one as a guild. Truely the "winning the game" idea is just a goal that you set for yourself. What do you do once you reach that goal? Well... you make another one and work toward that one! So in reality.. we never can really "Win The World of Warcraft" like we can win other games... Now as far as LOSING the game.. I don't think there is any way of actually LOSING, but if you /could/ lose, my son managed to do it. He had made a character (a Night Elf Druid actually) and was leveling him up, but whenever he died, he would use the spirit ressurection. After a while, he had completely run out of all forms of currency.. perhaps had only a few coppers to his name, and every single piece of gear he owned was at Zero durability... Not only that, but he had not been on the server long enough to make any friends, and I had no characters on the server to pass him any gold either. ... So this rendered him completely useless trying to fist fight spiders or bats. He couldn't even kill anything in order to regain his gold.. so all of those 4 hours was wasted and he had to start over.. LOL.. I believe Blizzard has created this game to make it so that there is no way of losing.. if you lose you might stop playing, and if you stop playing, you won't want to pay the monthly fee, and if you don't do that, then they won't make money off of you.. so we /certainly/ can't have that!

Over all.. I believe when you mosey off to bed and ponder over the events of the evening after playing online with your friends... you get a sense of accomplishment if you had a good team, and together you achieved some goal.. It is the feeling of teamwork, and comraderie at its peak. You have a sense of being needed and appreciated. Of course one should seek this type of usefulness and accomplishment in all aspects of their lives as well. When you go to work and work as a team to get the daily tasks done, it should also be followed by a "Good day's work done" feeling. When you do a favor for someone, you also have the satisfaction of having done something good, something right, something useful and your self value will increase in your own eyes and in the eyes of others as well. So why do we play this game? What is the meaning of life? Why does my daughter make such a mess in the kitchen when she is baking cookies?? Well we may never know, but perhaps they are all tied together.. Wow is another way for humans to interact.. and perhaps some of you hermits thought you didn't need human interaction, but in fact, we do.. Isolation is not truely a desireable thing.. Seeing yourself reflected off of others by hearing a simple "thank you" for helping others.. is a desirable thing for most humans... So don't forget to appreciate your friends... so they can wake up the next day ready to be even more "cool" and look forward to teaming up yet again.. And.. well.. Make that 15 dollars a month worth every cent... Blizzard will thank you later .. won't they?

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