Thursday, March 27, 2008

Useful Information

Based on the new patch coming out, I sorted through and made somewhat of a priority list of things to work on now that we have access to the new content of the patch 2.4. Most of this I learned about in the druid forum summary post on the elitistjerks forums.

  • Oh MY Squigglie symbolness!!! = The Idol of the Raven Goddess that previously gave +0.4% crit to everyone in the feral druid's party will NOW give +0.9% crit to the party! According to the calculations: "Assuming an average person in the party does 1500 DPS with a direct 1%crit->1% damage ration, it's a gain of ~6DPS per member, or 24 DPS + your own gain (more likely to be 4-5 or so)." **NOW**, AS OF 2.4, each party member gains ~13.5DPS per person for a total party DPS of 54 DPS + your own gain. This makes your presence twice as valuable in the group than previously with the Raven Goddess idol equiped. I'm going to request to be placed in the hunter party when I'm not tanking.
  • Aquire this trinket upgrade: Tsunami Talisman = the upgraded version of Hourglass of the Unraveller. I still use this passive trinket for kitty form because I believe in removing clicking dependencies wherever it's more likely that the computer will be more efficient at thinking for me. I don't get those warm fuzzies from seeing huge numbers that some other players get, so popping damage trinkets isn't a warm fuzzy thing for me...
  • Spend more time fishing for Figluster's Mudfish agility food and doing the daily fishing quest instead of farming Skettis for Warp Burgers.. I guess that just gets old after a while.
  • Work on reputation with the new faction to be able to learn the new +Defence to chest enchant! *woot* so I can put it on the new t4 chest I got last night off of the rather even more nerfed Magtheridon that we botched up badly yet still downed with only 10 players left standing for most of the fight and me back up main tanking in my Hit gear. LOL. I hope to get one more piece of t6 in Sunwell so I can then swap out one of the 4 I have now to gain the 4 t6 set bonus AND the 2 t4 set bonus. This will be excellent energy and rage generation PLUS the 15 percent increase in damage all together!
  • Run the new 5 man heroic until I get the new trinket: Commendation of Kael'thas. My two companion main tanks Teraxe and Bedwyr have already won this nice upgrade. I spent a lot of time pondering over how much of an upgrade it might be, and if it would be a problem by removing the human factor of being able to pop the trinket to initiate the extremely beneficial increase in dodge. I currently use the Moroe's Lucky Pocket Watch, plus the Badge of Tenacity combination, and when I am tanking Mother Shah'raz, I alternate them between the 2 minute cooldowns. So about every minute or so, I can dodge a little extra and give the healers a break for a few seconds. With the new trinket, I'll have about 700 more life as a buffer, plus the increase in life will cause the new trinket to activate when I still have less than 7500 hit points or so (my hit points while tanking Mother are currently about 21k fully buffed). The advantage of this trinket though, is that it can activate potentially every 31 seconds if I dip below the 35 percent life threshold. There will not be as many stressful moments when I see my life dip, and I still have over 45 seconds left on all of my trinkets because I used them both. Now I only have to watch one trinket, and maybe have my trigger finger ready on my feral combat potion+HS macro, and just admire the other trinket when it procs for me. I'll be swapping out some of my +defence gems for straight stamina to try to increase my hitpoints even more.
  • Figure out what to do with all of the honor I now have from turning in my stacks of 100 PVP tokens my daughter has been accumulating from playing my character in battlegrounds. :D

And that's enough to fret my little furry bear head over for now... There is a LOT more content to explore than I had expected, and I'm excited. Unfortunately, I am not as much of a power gamer as some of my guild companions and I'll be taking my time to thoroughly explore it in my meager yet sufficient freetime.

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