Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Druid Dilemma

Other classes may be jealous, but...
What does a druid most fret over? Which kind of gear to put on...
Aye, I could ponder and gaze at my gear for hours every evening looking at the different combinations the way other people look at an icecream sundae pondering all of the different combinations of toppings they can put on it.
I have numerous different types of sets of gear... for different situations... Each set stacks different stats and is composed of different items...
PVP gear: the highest resilience items I have.
Pure Healing gear: Of course, stacked healing
10k Hit Point healing gear: Healing with stamina for those bosses the require us healers to save our own butts (like on Archimond) when dying is more detrimental than making top marks on the healing meters...
Tanking Gear: I try to have over 30k Armor, 142 to Hit, and of course maintain critical strike immunity... AND get my dodge up as much as I can.. (For Brutallus, and basically any generic boss).
Tanking with extra dodge: Crit immune and stack dodge
Tanking with Hit and damage: Crit immune with full Hit, and as much attack power as possible for Gurtogg Bloodboil (so the little bear can compete with the leet warrior tanks in agro).
DPS gear!: Of course for kitty form.. stacked agility and as much attack power as possible... (sometimes I tank trash in this gear with my evasion trinkets.. shhh don't tell anyone... the healers don't care, it gives them something to do.. ).
Fire resist gear: at exactly 295 FR with as much Hit and dodge as I can muster.. I even enchanted all of my pieces for just a little more health and agility etc.
..and of course I play around with stacking different stats now and then, and pulling out specific pieces to still keep my T6 x4 bonus, and recently, I have acquired the ability to have the T6 x4 bonus PLUS the T4 x 2 bonus! It hasn't yet paid off yet though probably because most of my T6 pieces have lots of stamina, hit, dodge and defence type gems and enchants on them. If I can replace some of them with pure agility or some strength, I could get my attack power up to much higher levels... My aspiration is to actually try to get a second T6 helmet (which is unlikely unless all of my competing classes already have at least one). I could then put pure DPS gems and enchants on it.. :D

Anyways, I am luckily an enchanter and an alchemist. I do not have any extra profession bags, and I don't have a soul shard bag, so I can keep all of my gear sets with me and be even more flexible and the drop of a hat.

I guess this is all just miscellaneous babble about druid gear.. lots and lots and lots of druid gear if you play a druid as your main character.. The only question I have is about stacking agility for kitty form. It seems strength would be more valuable if you already have a high crit value..

Usually the way I ponder my equipment is to set it up a specific way and just try it out.. but that can be expensive if it means changing my gems and enchants.. The programs for calculating out equipment stats doesn't seem to work very well for me. Rawr is giving me fatal errors, and I don't have a spreadsheet.. /sigh I guess I'll have to acquire one.

Oh, I got a new add on... it shows my missing buffs whenever the raid leader does a ready check. It's kinda cute because it has an ansi bunny also if you are missing 3 buffs or more :D


Moondancer said...

What's the name of this add-on?

Tallyswift said...

I'm sorry I took SOOO long to reply to this. The Add-on is called "Buff All Ready".

I'm the only one in the raids I've been in that has it.. Good thing too because it would be really annoying for everyone to be spamming bunnies every time there is a ready check done.

At least this add on only shows what is missing for me (One of the main tanks). Most people would agree that the buffs on the main tank are the most important to double check to be sure they are all there.