Thursday, August 7, 2008


Regular Zul'Aman runs available to NON hat guild members for a price:
(requires 9 hat members to pull you through it)

Each Hat member will get an equal portion of the gold.

Full BEAR run price = 5000 gold.

You get the bear, plus any loot that hat members don’t need. You must pay the full cost by the time the Bear mount is to be looted via Masterloot.

Usually we do our Bear runs after our raid on Sunday, and after the raid on Tuesday or Wednesday. Assembling time for the ZA run is around 11pm, and run lasts till about 12-12:30am. Bear ONLY run lasts just under and hour (no Hex lord or Zul’Jin).

If you only want Hex lord or Zul’Jin, cost is 900 gold per boss.

****Any items you need from a boss need to be agreed upon before the run. ****
****Half of the total sum of gold is expected up front. ****

Contact Tallyswift of the Gorfiend server online if interested!!

Hat Guild Webpage:

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