Monday, August 25, 2008

Spiralling Down

"An obsession, compulsion, or excessive physical dependence"

Day number 724 - 7pm tonight - Raid - intention = M'uru attempts, possibly ninja an Archimonde from a "mid-Hyjal-Completion-raiding Guild".

Tropical Storm Fay is quietly tapping at the door of our region. Flash floods are to be expected over the next several days. This is an extreme contrast to the severe drought that we endured around the same time last summer. The ground was so dry, dust started to infiltrate the air blocking out the sunlight in a murky haze. All green things had long ago gone into emergency standby waiting for any form of moisture to wet it's thirsty roots and rhizomes. The land had long since turned a dry golden brown and straw color... When the clouds finally had teased us enough with their taunting presence and released some life-giving waters... I let the rain wash down on me and watched everything around me drink it up and regain some of it's living colors.

Now we are going to watch the green thick grasses and fields beaten down with waters rinsing and washing away anything that isn't securely attached.

---> Being an adult, I treated myself to some M&Ms... because no one will tell me not to... Doesn't chocolate help keep us girls happy? Rumors of euphoria... I wish I could feel this.. "euphoria" a little more, but then it would probably dull the sensation with increased stimuli.
Let's not dull our senses... Sometimes I close my eyes while walking down a long empty hallway and skim my finger tips along the smooth wall to help my find my way.. just so I can 'feel' something slightly different.. sense things that have slowly been blocked out of our daily experience of life. My sense of smell has lessened so I eat things that have more flavor now.. is this normal for aging? I look at myself and I'm still a lovely female to behold.. it surprises me.. didn't I want to grow up so badly when I was a kid?

---> (Random thought eleventy-que-jillian) So how much longer before our innocence is but an irretrievable memory?

....The storms have begun already... Rain is pouring down.. the skies are darkened.. the wind has already started it's whipping of delicate green limbs and reaching fronds.

I must depart.. routine continues.. it always wins in the end.. pulling you in the flow of things..

I'm scheduled for more M'uru! How can I delay?... Oh and some delicious spaghetti? Ponder...
I'm so spontaneous.

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