Friday, September 19, 2008

Raiding Progression

My guild Hat has just achieved one of our huge goals. We killed M'uru! Entropius died on Monday, September 15th at 11:10 pm. It was our last attempt of the night... It was indeed a surprise to all of us. We had been practicing the fight for numerous weeks in a row. We are able to take down all of the bosses up to M'uru within one night giving us multiple days to work on the fight. My particular side (near side) had gotten into a pleasant quiet and efficient routine taking down all of the shadowsword mobs with time to spare to DPS M'uru himself... It seemed like most of our best attempts were rather quiet. Each player would just go into some kind of trance hitting the sequence of buttons they require to do their job perfectly. This fight indeed requires perfection.. maintained for numerous rounds. Oddly enough, after performing our jobs perfectly for about 5 minutes, at the 6 minute mark when we begin to time the transition, too many times people would freak out, panic, and get themselves killed.
I guess it is this phenomena that seems to be causing lots of near kill wipes when working on a new boss. I guess this is why .. after we have gotten a boss down once or twice, it's not as much of a big deal, and suddenly we can down the boss in one shot, and consistantly do repeat performances each following week.
It makes me wonder what we can do to keep raiders from panicking.. I am certain when Sirloin says, "6 minute mark, just keep doing your job..." It helps keep people focused and not freak as much. A signal goes through the brain saying *note - we are doing well, don't mess it up* ... but how do you respond? Smile and keep focused? Or ... clap your hands like a child on christmas eve and freak out?
I believe we are able to keep the panic to a minimum. It's rather amazing when I myself can keep my focus while in the background of my home, a kid is asking me what the word "Trait" means, and my daughter has "Drake and Josh" blasting on the TV. My cat always is hopping onto my husband's chair the second he steps away to do something.. The only thing that really throws me off is when I get a migraine headache with the lightening doughnut aura.. I can't see half of my visual field, and I feel drained. I hate those. I would like to blame all of the cellular phone towers for them, but I live out in the boonies. :P
So productivity can be hindered.. We are only human right? Aren't we all just trying to have fun? Should we respond like humans or robots? I guess robots are more efficient...
So now.. On to Kil'Jaeden! He sure looks cool coming up out of the pink cheery floor kinda like how Ragnaros does.. Rather interesting. Hmm where was he anyways? Under the floor? Sleeping in some basement? Some magical void that just happens to be located there? Okay I guess I'm going to sound like a complete noob if I keep going on. I need Grob to explain all of the story line to me. Or winge with his magical voids and mysterious boggling explainations of the technicalities of the wow universe...

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