Monday, August 18, 2008

Bear obsession

Yes, I have an obsession with bears...
I am most often seen as a bear... I am most often tanking things... My favorite past time is to scan the trade chat for a few minutes for the most appealing "LF 1M Tank" request, and just volunteer myself... The most surprising ones that I respond to, are things like LF Main Tank Gruul's Lair, or Magtheridon... ZOMG these PUG groups are almost always extremely chaotic and contain random numbers of Loot ninjas, or malicious individuals who intentionally try to wipe our attempts.
Usually I come into the raid thinking I'll just kinda lay low and enjoy myself.. maybe see if my other friends who are as spontaneous as me want to tag along.. and often several of them do..
The hopes of laying low never lasts though. I usually volunteer myself to Main tank, and they readily agree when they notice I have full Tier 6 gear. Then we start on some trash.. people don't really listen or stack or heal and a random DPS will die.. usually it's my best friend Auraka who can't help but put his insane dots on the mobs, and is also fully decked out in T6 top notch gear.
Then we get to the actual Boss fight and realize that whoever threw this thing together... has NO earthly idea how to assign healers or explain the fight.. That's when I can't help by try to put some order into things. I'll organize the healers hoping that they will do their jobs.. and assign the tanks and Misdirects hoping that will work out... and amazingly.. we usually end up doing it in one or two tries.. ...except the night I agreed to tank Mag... for my friend Brahuato. He pulled me in because he said Sirloin was going.. and of course I tend to readily agree to help Sirloin because he's just such an amazing person. That particular Mag run was being led by a very derogatory leader. He took every opportunity to cut on people and tell them to not be a noob, and even had some guild recruits that he warned a few times to watch out because the way they handled themselves now would reflect on their chances of getting into the guild. Some of the PUGs they had in the group decided to respond to this leader's negative comments by intentionally not clicking on their cube when we got Mag down to under 20 percent.. and the whole raid would wipe. The leader also was unable to figure out who to boot from the raid, so we did this 3 times before they were finally replaced, and me and Sirloin managed to finish up the "easy boss" with more than half the raid dead. Windflurry also was with us and he too was stunned at how horribly the raid was handled. There was so much swearing that I wasn't even in vent for more than the first initial gathering and few pulls. My little innocent ears don't enjoy the rough vulgarity of typical low life guildling chitter chatter. I'm extremely greatful for the professional manner that my own guild is always conducted. There is respectful language and only the most important transactions going on in ventrilo which is very conducive to the concentration state of each of our raid members.

All of our members have the highest respect and admiration for our raid leader Sirloin who has been running sucessful raids for years. I try to do my part by maintaining the professional environment as well. I'm not afraid of what people think of me if I politely nudge them if they start to say mean or vulgar things, or if they talk down or act rude. Afterall, I'm a mother, and they probably expect me to be like that.

And back to the bears... Beyond volunteering my bearlike qualities to others, I also have been organizing as many ZA Bear runs as I possibly can fit in. (See advertisement below). It has been a very successful venture and there is never a lack of volunteers to get in on the runs. I have been selecting party members based on expressed interest as well as selecting key classes that will ensure a successful Bear run. I appologize to any members who may feel left out. Perhaps I should post a sign up sheet on the guild webpage to make sure I'm aware of everyone who is interested in coming.

So far, we have sold 2 bears, and on our second run, we actually made record time with 10 minutes left to spare. It's been a lot of fun!

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